Progressive Messenger is 100% committed to providing sustainable transportation solutions.  We are one of the first and only same day courier companies to offer an entirely paperless delivery solution without compromising integral service levels.  Many years ago our company introduced the concept of a totally recyclable office and continues to maintain rigid standards today.  Our sustainability captain is given strong management support in promoting a greener lifestyle to our employees and clients at home and at work.  We are constantly striving to find unique methods to conserve energy and reduce waste.  Just as you demand sustainable options from us, we demand it from our suppliers.  All of our technology is of the latest design and is run on energy efficient system.

Right Sizing our Fleet

By right sizing our fleet with late model, fuel efficient vehicles, we are able to offer transportation solutions with minimal greenhouse gas emissions.  In fact our fleet is so efficient with only a small number of Hybrid vehicles, our green house gas emissions are only slightly above that of a larger Hybrid fleet.  We utilize vehicles with smaller 4 cylinder engines producing efficient horsepower to carry your shipments.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Lower Carbon Footprint.  We only use a small number of Hybrid vehicles because recent studies have shown that the manufacture of Hybrid vehicles creates a much larger carbon footprint that the manufacture of a domestic economy vehicle.

Driver Training

All of our drivers are trained to operate their vehicles in a safe and sustainable fashion.  We subscribe to an Idle Free policy similar to that enforced by many municipalities’ By-laws.  Our drivers are trained to operate their vehicles with smooth and consistent speeds, with out aggressive acceleration and hard stops.  In fact, our technology can monitor the fleet to ensure compliance with our driving policies.

100% Paperless

Digital signature capture on delivery.

GPS tracking of shipments from start to finish.

Electronic Billing

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Electronic delivery details.